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Preparation for 1st Quarter Benchmark

Mr. McIntyre

NOS and Matter

1 2       3     4           5
  6   7    
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    16 17                  
              18 19     20
    21                 22            
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  29                       30          
    31         32
33       34 35  
  36 37                 38                    
39                         40     41  
    42       43 44   45        
    48         49      
  53       54                  

2.A measure of mass per unit volume (how tightly packed)
4.Substance derived from a living thing
6.These explain "what" happens scientifically (often mathematically)
10.Data lacking statistical or numerical values
13.The amount of space an object or material occupies
15.What sucrose can do in water
17.To hypothesize
22.The most common or natural level of the IV
23.Variables are linked together in some unknown way
25.The first scientist
26.Conducted the Gold Foil Experiment, discovered the nucleus, atoms are mostly empty space
28.The number of times an experiment is repeated at a given level
29.Considered the "Father" of modern chemistry
31.Compressible material that assumes the shape of its container
36.The responding variable in an experiment
38.Able to burn
39.These are made through the senses
43.Made out of multiple atoms chemically bonded together
46.The greek word "indivisible"
47.Developed the Atomic Theory of Matter
50.These subatomic particles have no charge but a mass of 1 amu
51.Accepted or rejected at the conclusion of an experiment
52.A positively charged particle in the nucleus of an atom
53.The amount of matter out of which a material or object is formed
54.One's own interpretation (internal)
55.Link together available information based upon prior knowledge
56.ex: compounds and elements
57.The result of dissolving sugar in water
58.Incompressible material with a fixed shape
1.Column on the PT
3.Fat is this in water
5.Type of chemical bond in which valence electrons are shared
7.Developed the Uncertainty Principle, aided in the atomic "cloud" model
8.A method used to determine the volume of irregularly shaped objects
9.Based upon methodical, experimental research
11.The variable the experiment changes in an experiment
12.Mixture of visibly different parts
14.The process of methodically testing a hypothesis
16.Developed the first PT
18.Numbered data
19.Worked on the Manhattan Project
20.A pure substance comprised of only one type of atom
21.The amounts by which the IV is changed
22.The type of relationships that scientists want to discover the most
24.Class of compound formed when a metal and nonmetal bond ionically
25.These explain "why" things happen scientifically
27.Phase/State of matter out of which stars are formed
30.Able to burn
32.Incompressible material that assumes the shape of its container
33.Mixture that's uniformly mixed
34.To organize into groups of like kind
35.Chemical bond resulting from temporary charges that are assumed in order for atoms to reach chemical stability
37.A negatively charged subatomic particle
40.He developed the idea "atomos"
41.Able to be drawn into a thin wire
42.Conducted Cathode Ray Tube Experiment, found the electron, Plum Pudding Model
44.Evaluation relative to an external thing
45.Row on the PT

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