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Vascular Technology Chapter 24

Shahina Siddiqui RVT/RDMS

Ultrasound Diagnosis of Venous Thrombosis

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6.Lower extremity deep vein thrombosis usually causes ,Heaviness ,Pain
8.leg swelling and small contracted superficial femoral vein that is brightly echogenic, heterogeneous, and noncompressible is ------ ---- ---- ----
10.sign or symptom of ------ ------,are Shortness of breath ,Chest pain ,Seizure , Respiratory arrest
11.Homogeneous with low level echoes, Free floating, Soft or slightly compressible,Distends the vein if ----- ----- characterize acute thrombus in the lower extremity
12.Acute DVT may cause life-threatening pulmonary embolism—sudden blockage of an ------ in the lung.
13.causes of thrombosis are ------ ----- Hypercoagulability Vessel wall injury
1.Inflammation related to thrombosis that occurs in a superficial vein causes Redness, swelling, pain and warmth of thrombosed area ,The thrombus is palpable
2.When performing Doppler imaging, all of the following are associated with subacute or ------ ------- of the lower extremity, Venous reflux, Lack of spontaneity, Lack of phasicity , Little or lack of augmentation
3.When evaluating for acute deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in the lower extremity, reversal of flow of the Doppler signal lasting longer than 0.5 second when the sample volume is placed within the vein indicates ----- -----
4.In our body, DVT usually originates in the------ -------
5.A------- ------ that occurs in a vessel is called a thrombus
7.------ ------of the lower extremity is associated with, A vein that is distended and larger than normal, Proximal to the thrombosed segment, augmentation is diminished or absent , Distal to the thrombosed segment, nonphasic or continuous signal is seen
9.There are many known factors that play a part in the development of DVT of the lower extremities.they are---------Malignancies, Heart failure, Trauma to lower limbs

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