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"This is America, Charlie Brown"

Mr. Konrardy

1 2
  3 4        
5   6              
      7             8
10     11         12 13                
  14     15  
16         17            
        19             20

4.Captain who piloted the ship to the new world
6.best month to plant maze/corn
7.Indian who spoke English and assisted the pilgrims
10.Houses and the boat needed to be used as this when people became sick
13.Month the pilgrims landed in Province Town Harbor
17.perceived threat that ended up helping the pilgrims
18.Creator of Charlie Brown (2 Words)
19.Type of weapon used by the pilgrims
21.The passengers to the new world cannot find suitable land for a __________
22.man who went overboard and was saved (2 Words)
1.people who sought religious freedom
2.used to help maze/corn grow
3.this would be needed to save the survivors when sickness threatened
4.Type of tree that provided kindling when the travelers arrived
5.Phrase used to indicate land is near (2 Words)
8.type of food picked from bushes
9.Main building located in the settlement (2 Words)
11.immigrants often seek religious ____________
12.Indians and Pilgrims joined together for this celebration
14.The pilgrims are tired and filled with __________________
15.Name of the ship that traveled to the new land
16.food and water for travel
20.this had to be carried from a river or stream

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