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Chapter 34

Clinical Procedures

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1.Disease-producing organsims
7.Type of S. aureus, resistant to vancomycin
9.Host is infected with pathogen and is the source of transfer
10.Action that destroys disease-producing bacteria
11.Process when cells eats and destroys pathogens
13.Infections acquired while in a medical facility
17.Carry bacteria in the nose, throat, armpit, and groin
18.Personal Protective Equipment
20.Against Infection
23.A soaking and wiping process
24.Cleaning process that inhibits or inactivates pathogens
26.Resistance to disease
27.Microorganisms normally found on the skin and inside parts of the body
29.Methicillin-resistant S. aureus
30.Require oxygen to live
2.Do not require oxygen to live
3.Infections caused by suppressed immune systems i.e. stress
4.Means by which the pathogens enter the body
5.Destruction of organisms after leaving body
6.Microorganisms capable of causing disease in blood
8.Means of exit for the pathogens from the body
12.Cleaning process that kills all microorgansims
14.Destruction of organisms before they enter the body
15.Fight off antigens
16.Bacteria resistant to Vancomycin: Enterococci
19.Wast products
21.Allowing passage through pores
22.Time between exposure to pathogen and appearance of first symptoms
25.Medically controlled microorganism
28.Bacteria and other microorganisms that resist antimicrobial drugs.

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