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Electricity Vocabulary

The purpose of this crossword is to help prepare you for your upcoming science exam.

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2.The blue wire in a cable or plug.
6.A source of electricity with a low "energy'. Cells push electrons round a circuit.
7.The brown wire in a cable or plug.
9.A scientific way of thinking about how things happen.
10.a resistor that can be adjusted to change the amount of resistance it has.
12.A circuit where there is only one loop of wire.
15.When electricity flows through your body.
18.A component that makes it difficult for electricity to flow- resistors are used to control the size of the current in a circuit.
20.A circuit with two or more wires running next to each other.
22.Something in a circuit, like a bulb, switch or motor.
24.Alternating current at 230 V provided to houses, shops, etc.
27.Something in a circuit, like a bulb, switch or motor.
28.A piece of wire that melts if too much electricity flows through it.
29.A source of electricity with a low energy (low voltage).
30.the unit for current
31.A material that does not electricity flow through it.
32.Carries messages around the body.
1.A way of saying how much energy is transferred by electricity.
3.The kind of energy carried by electricity.
4.The smallest part of an element.
5.Tiny particle that flows around a circuit.
8.The flow of electricity around a circuit.
11.measures how much electricity is flowing around a circuit
13.Turns electricity on or off, by closing or opening a gap in a circuit.
14.A material that lets electricity flow through it.
16.A complete loop that electricity flows around
17.Part of a plug that hold the cable, and stops the wires being pulled out of the pins.
19.Thin piece of wire inside a light bulb that glows when electricity is flowing through it.
21.A way of saying how difficult it is for electricity to flow through something.
23.The green and yellow wire in a cable or plug.
25.Electrical signal carried by a nerve cell.
26.A way of saying how much energy is transferred by electricity.

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