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1 2                    
3                           4
6                             7  
  8                 9
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13                 14                
  18                             19
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        22   23    
    24 25                    

1.a pencil made with very soft lead which makes a dark line
3.lines that travel in the same direction
5.the repeated occurrence of an element to give the look/feel of movement.
6.that point toward which receding parallel lines appear to converge
8.arranging the artwork in a way that creates visual movement towards a focal point
11.the most interesting part of your drawing
13.a method of shadowing involving drawing small marks close together and then crossing them with other small marks
15.the way the elements are arranged to create a feeling of stability
16.making one part of an artwork significantly different or stronger than the others to call attention to it
18.any straight edge or line that is not parallel to the horizon line and is not truly vertical
21.strong repitition of an element in a deliberate manner
25.the elements radiate out from, or circle around, a common center.
26.the skillful use of tools and materials
27.a compositional tool used to increase visual interest by creating asymmetrical balance
28.a visible border of a shape or figure, an outline that creates the illusion of mass and volume in space
29.direction spanning up and down
30.the area around recognizable objects
2.the act of allowing the drawing to go off the edge of the paper
4.the design is the same on both sides of the central vertical axis, creating a mirror image
7.the thickness, thinness, lightness, or darkness of a line.
9.the size of an object compared other objects or to its environment or as compared to the human figure
10.the area in a picture that we recognize as something
12.the elements are not mirror images but have equal visual weight to to pacement, color, or size.
14.the placement of forms, shapes, colors and light and dark areas in a work of art
17.a technique to achieving a sense of depth in a flat, two dimensional work
19.when everything works together to create a sense of oneness
20.a straight line parallel to the horizon line
22.the drawing or painting surface of a flat , two dimensional picture
23.to tend to meet in a point of line; incline toward each other, as lines that are not parallel
24.the difference between dark and light

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