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Jesus' Miracles

Momo Sakudo

Use the two articles on the previous pages to find the answers.

1 2        
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2.The thing that made the beggar well.
3.The beggar wanted to do this.
6.Jesus took the man _____, escaping the crowd.
7.The region Jesus was in hen the crowd came to him with the man.
9.The man was ____ ___ ____
11.Jesus said this before the man was healed.
13.Jesus did this then touched the mans tongue.
14.Jesus' disciples told the beggar to be this.
15.The man's ears were ______
1.The place Jesus was leaving before the beggar called him.
2.The beggar ________ Jesus after he was healed.
4.The name of the beggar.
5.What was this beggar suffering from.
8.Where was jesus travelling to when a crowd came to him with a man.
10.The beggar _______ his sight.
12.The man could do this after Jesus put his finger in the mans ears.

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