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The Bible's Minor Prophetic Books

Pastor Greg Lilly

Can You name the book associated with the clues?

2 3       4
  7         8   9

2.This book tells of a prophet who married a prostitute
5.This book reveals 5 visions and speaks of the coming judgment of Israel
6.This book speaks of a man who was swallowed by a big fish
7.This book speaks of robbing God by not giving tithes
11.This book speaks of Jerusalem's judgment and Israel's restoration
1.This book speaks of the judgment on Nineveh
3.This book reveals the prophecy concerning the doom of Edom
4.This book speaks of the millennial temple
6.The book speaks of the day of the Lord and Zions deliverance
8.This book speaks of God's judgment by the Chaldeans
9.This book speaks of ten visions and Messiah's Kingdom
10.This book speaks of the Messiah and the place of His birth

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