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Population: Standing Room Only?

GGS 12

1               2              
4   5   6                         7 8
10                                 11        
  12                       13   14                      
  16                                     17
21                                       22      

1.Statistics about numbers of births, deaths, immigrants, and emigrants.
5.The average number of deaths per 1000 annually.
10.A triangular or pyramidal shape graph that displays the age-sex structure of a population.
12.Those who study populations.
14.The advantageous conditions in the receiving country that draw a person there.
15.Male and female components of a population that are divided into age divisions.
16.The number of people a given area of land can support adequately without degrading or harming the land and environment.
19.People who leave a country rapidly in order to survive and escape conditions such as war and famine.
20.The movement of people out of a country.
21.The average number of children a woman would have in her lifetime if annual fertility rates remained constant.
23.Extreme increase in the number of people on the planet.
24.Refers to the location of a population - how people have arranged themselves on the land.
25.The birth rate minus the death rate, without accounting for migration.
26.The movement of people to a country
27.The portion of a population based on the assumption that most members of a certain age group - very young/very old- don't work.
28.The number of years it would take for a population to double, assuming the current growth rate remains the same.
2.Indicates the actual number of people by which a population has increased or decreased over a period of time.
3.The emigration of educated professionals.
4.Indicates the average number of people living in a particular unit of land.
6.The number of children per woman required to keep a constant population in a country or region.
7.Conditions in the home country that make a person want to leave - emigrate.
8.A person born during the period of high birth rates after the Second World War 1946-1964.
9.The procedure of systematically acquiring and recording information about the members of a given population.
11.The historical sequence of predictable changes countries go through with regard to their birth/death rates.
13.Measures the average annual percentage change over this same time period.
17.The gathering an analysis of information about human populations.
18.Areas of greatest population concentration.
22.The trend of people moving from rural areas into cities.

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