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Bible Fun

Pastor Greg Lilly

Can you answer these clues by flipping through your Bible?

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  58         59    

4.This is the place of Messiah's Birth according to both Matthew and Micah
8.In Jude, this term is used to define the men who are trying to hurt the church
11.This term by interpretation means God with us according to Matthew
14.In Ezekiel, Ezekiel is called the son of this, a term used by Jesus for Himself
15.In Revelation, Jesus is this, meaning the first and the last
16.In Mark, the maniac of Gadara was possessed with demons by this name
18.In Numbers, Moses holds one of these up to deliver the people from snakes
20.In Romans, man is swift to shed this and has fallen short of God's glory
24.In Jonah, this person called Jonah a sleeper
26.In Matthew, Jesus called Peter this surname
27.According to I Chronicles he was David's firstborn son by Ahinoam
29.In Zechariah, God shewed him four of these builders
32.In Acts, Paul almost persuaded this king to believe in Jesus
33.In Micah, this term means that Bethlehem is the House of Bread or smallest
36.In Ecclesiastes, there are 28 examples of this
37.In Mark, Jesus said to do this to all those who wrong you
40.Amos beheld a vision of a basket of this season's fruit
42.In Matthew, Jesus' face shined as the sun and he was this before Peter, James and John
46.According to the book of Judges, he was the first judge of Israel
48.In Genesis, this boy was sold by his brothers out of jealousy
49.In Obadiah, Benjamin shall possess this land
50.In Acts, this man was stoned for his faith in Jesus
54.In I Samuel, Hannah's husband was who
55.How many loaves did Jesus use to feed the 4,000 in Matthew
57.In Leviticus, this part of Aaron's body was anointed with oil
58.In Luke, Jesus said, man shall not live by this, but by God's word
59.In Romans, Paul said he was this ashamed of the gospel of Christ
1.In I Timothy, Paul told Timothy that a pastor should not be greedy of filthy this
2.In Isaiah, the humanity of Jesus is referred to by one of these being born
3.In Daniel, this king built an image of himself and commanded worship
5.In II Kings Josiah was this many years old when he began to reign
6.This animal's hair was what John the Baptist's raiment was made of according to Matthew
7.In Joshua, Joshua was told to be strong and very this by God
9.James said that this kind of minded man is unstable in all his ways
10.In Judges, he was a judge and one of the strongest men to ever live
12.Peter in I Peter called us believers this kind of generation
13.In Jeremiah, God says to call on Him and he would shew great and these types of things
17.Five times Haggai says to do this with your ways
19.In I John, Jesus is the payment for our sin or this lengthy term
20.In Leviticus, we are told that life is in this
21.In the Psalms, this is how long the mercy of God endures
22.In Revelation, this church of Asia minor was both rich and poor
23.In II Timothy, Paul told Timothy that God did not give us a spirit of this
25.In I Corinthians, Paul called them this in Christ Jesus
28.In the book of Ruth, she was Ruth's mother in law
30.In the book of Deuteronomy, Jesus will be a Prophet like unto him
31.In John, Jesus told Nicodemus not to be confused or this term about being born again
34.In I Samuel, Israel was in a battle with these people
35.In Revelation, Jesus is called this animal which is sacrificed
38.In Hebrews, the priests made many sacrifices, but Jesus made this many
39.In Acts, Paul was shipwrecked and a mighty wind called this was tempestuous
41.In Exodus, Moses heard God speak from a burning one of these
43.According to Ezra, Zerubbabel was his son
44.Paul called Timothy this brave fighter of Jesus Christ in II Timothy
45.In Malachi, this word begins a series of questions asked of God
47.In Luke, James and John were his sons and Jesus made them fishers of men
51.In Proverbs, God hates a lying one of these
52.In Deuteronomy, the people were given this many commandments
53.In I Thessalonians, Paul used this term to mean death about the believer
56.In John, Jesus is the true one of these and we are branches

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