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More Bible Fun

Pastor Greg Lilly

Follow in your Bible and you will find the answers to these clues.

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1.In I John 2, Jesus is our this with the Father
5.In Isaiah 21, Isaiah sees this type of vision concerning Babylon's fall
7.In Job 1, what the name of the land where Job lived
8.In Acts 20, Paul quoted Jesus and said it more blessed to do this than receive
11.In Isaiah 5, six times this little word is used to warn of big things to come
12.In Joshua 1, Joshua is told to do this to the book of the law, it means to think about it always
14.In I Corinthians 3, we are the what of God, so that the Spirit of God may dwell in us
15.In Nehemiah 4, what the name of the man who was wroth at the rebuilding of the walls
16.In Exodus 11, the plague of the death of the firstborn was what number plague
20.In Revelation 22, the dwellers in heaven shall see Jesus' what
21.In I Peter 5, the Devil is this to the believer
22.In Numbers 16, this man and others stood up against Moses
24.In Romans 11, God has concluded all in this, so that He can show us His mercy
25.In Revelation 1, how many stars and candlesticks are seen
2.In I Thessalonians 3, he was sent to comfort them concerning their faith
3.In Proverbs 22, a good one of these is worth more than silver and gold
4.In Psalm 23, this refers to God's abode or heaven
6.In Revelation 12, Satan is called an old what
9.In Romans 1, we are not to turn the glory of God into this of man, birds or beasts
10.In James 1, the man who endures temptation will receive one of these crowns
12.In John 18, Peter used his sword and cut off this man's right ear
13.In Genesis 12, what man was called by God to go and follow God for a blessing to all
17.In Ecclesiastes 7, what title does Solomon call himself
18.In I Corinthians 13, without charity I am this
19.In Isaiah 58, to overcome temptation God chooses one of these
23.In Romans 5, we have what with God through Jesus Christ

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