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Thanksgiving Day

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1.A large meal, particularly to celebrate something.
4.A boulder, on the coast of Massachusetts, USA, upon which the pilgrim fathers first stepped onto America. (2 Words)
6.The ship the pilgrim fathers used to cross to America, named after a spring blossom.
7.The season between Summer and Winter.
8.A type of farm bird eaten during Thanksgiving and Christmas.
11.A common English phrase to express gratitude. (2 Words)
12.To eat very quickly or the noise a turkey makes.
14.Verb: to slice a piece of meat.
15.A horn of plenty. A term used to describe a good harvest or a full table.
16.Cereal crop: we eat it on a cob. It's yellow when cooked.
17.This year it's on 22nd November. (2 Words)
20.Religious travellers; people who travelled to America in the 17th Century.
22.The quality of being thankful.
23.A sauce for adding flavour to salads, vegetables and meat.
24.Pleased and relieved, expressing gratitude.
26.Favour and protection, or to wish someone well.
28.A bone from a turkey or chicken, traditionally broken to make a wish.
32.People coming together after being apart.
33.A meat sauce.
34.A cold dish of mostly raw or uncooked vegetables, sometimes fruit, occasionally with meat or fish added.
35.The gathering of crops, fruits and vegetables, such as corn, rice, etc.
36.To contribute something to others.
2.Something very special or valuable.
3.A popular American game using an oval ball. Often watched on TV during Thanksgiving (2 Words)
5.Beliefs and customs passed on through a family or a country.
9.The most important group of people in your life. Home wouldn't be the same without them.
10.A popular autumn orange fruit eaten during Halloween and Thanksgiving.
13.A delicious dessert made from fruit and pastry. (2 Words)
14.The area outside of the city.
15.Small red berries with a dry acidic taste. They go well with turkey meat.
18.A request for help or an expression of thanks, traditionally given at the start of a meal.
19.A mixture of meat, vegetables, nuts or fruit for putting inside roasting meat.
20.An important vegetable crop. French fries are made from it.
21.Being selfless and kind to others.
25.After family you need these people to enjoy life.
27.Another term for Native American people; cowboys and ........
29.The most important thing your body has.
30.Another word for autumn.
31.A fruit with a tough shell.

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