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Mr. Woods

Questions on the book 'A Kestrel for a Knave'.

2   3              
7     8                
    10   11              
12           13          

2.The name of Billy's English teacher (2, 8).
6.The place where Billy found his kestrel (9, 4).
8.The boy who was sent out of assembly (9).
11.The theme of Anderson's factual story that he told to the rest of the class (8).
12.The amusing words Billy can't stop himself from calling out during registration that he heard on the 'shipping forecast' (6, 5).
14.What Billy's mum wanted him to run to the shop to get for her (4).
15.Billy threw some of these at his house (4).
1.Mr, Gryce's nickname (5, 7)
3.The posh area where Billy delivers his newspapers (4, 4).
4.The thing that Jud stole of Billy's at the start of the novel (7).
5.There was half a packet of these in the pantry at the start of the book (5, 4).
7.Billy stole some of this from the back of a milk float (6, 5).
9.The author of the book (5, 5).
10.Billy's surname (6).
13.The animal that Mr. Gryce is compared to (7).

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