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thanksgiving 2012


1   2
  3 4
5     6     7
8 9                
13 14        
16     17
18         19      

1.lays down the law but not with the children
5.has a common bond with the newest family member
9.goes to sleep counting letters not sheep
11.can sure hob knob with a lens
12.loves to pass notes in class
14.the newest member of the family
15.truly knows that the veggie pizza is made from croissants not crescent roll
18.doesn't have a green thumb but sure loves ivy
19.knows how to help keep the family afloat
20.surely can tower over the computer controls
2.loves the big and mostly small things in life
3.Can paint their way out of a UPS box
4.know how to pack in the cheese
6.reads the good news
7.sweeter than the average wine
8.never harps about the east coast blues
10.besides a soul mate, the children are high in life's galaxy
13.never far away from an e, f, or g
14.take out the 88's when this person shows up
16.sporting no red like his ancestors name sake
17.this person is fab like the fab four

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