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DNA Replication

Jasmine Rodriguez

  3   4
5                   6               7      
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  16         17
18                           19  
            20 21    
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      27   28                  

5.one strand in new and one strand is old (2 Words)
8.only one nucleotide or nitrogenous base in a gene changes (2 Words)
11.does not code for an amino acid
12.unwinds the DNA double helix (2 Words)
13.replicated discontinuously from the 5' strand to the 3' direction (2 Words)
15.controls lactose metabolism (2 Words)
18.shares electrons between atoms in a molecule (2 Words)
23.manifestation of genetic material of an organism in the form of specific traits (2 Words)
26.starts the formation of RNA; uses strand of DNA as template (2 Words)
28.binds to an operator and blocks transcription of the genes of an operon
29.single stranded; encodes the information to make a protein (2 Words)
30.uses codons to specify the sequence of amino acids in polypeptide chains
31.in tRNA; consists of 3 bases complimentary to the codon of mRNA
32.nucleotide five carbon sugar
1.a three nucleotide sequence that encodes an amino acid
2.seals two DNA fragments (2 Words)
3.holds the tRNA carrying the growing polypeptide chain (2 Words)
4.rules by which genetic material is is translated into proteins
6.formed when DNA double helix is separated (2 Words)
7.short fragments of DNA on the lagging strand (2 Words)
9.molecule that provides he structural mold to create similar molecules
10.catalyzes the formation of the DNA molecule (2 Words)
14.pairs with adenine
16.there are only 20 amino acids, but enough codons for 64 amino acids
17.nucleic acid is formed by using another molecule as a template
19.adenine pairs with thymine and guanine pairs with cytosine
20.consists of a promoter, an operator, and one or more structural genes
21.strand that is synthesized continuously during replication (2 Words)
22.spiral staircase (2 Words)
24.site in a DNA molecule; transcription of mRNA is initiated
25.short sequence of viral or bacterial DNA
27.codes for an amino acid

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