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Christmas Crossword

Dave Patten

Test your Holiday Season knowledge with this crossword.

1 2       3  
4       5      
6                       7
8       9        
13 14 15         16      

2.On Thanksgiving I watch football and eat this bird.
4.On Christmas we exchange these with friends and family.
6.This holiday marks the end of the Holiday Season.
9._____ and red are the most common Christmas colors.
10.Most kids leave a plate of _____ and milk for Santa.
11.Chosook in _____ is similar to Thanksgiving in America.
15.This holiday marks the beginning of the Holiday Season.
17.How many reindeer pull Santa's sleigh?
19.What flies through the air pulling Santa's sleigh?
20.He is famous for his red suit and jolly laugh.
1.Before Christmas what do most families decorate?
2.What holiday is always the 3rd Thursday in November?
3.What are Santa's little helpers called?
5.What do you make out of snow that looks like a man?
7.What is cold and white and a sign of Christmas?
8.What usually goes on top of a Christmas tree?
11.It's traditional to do what under mistletoe?
12.Many ______ believe Santa is real.
13.Santa slides down the _____ to deliver presents.
14.A gift is another word for a _____.
16.On Christmas parents want to sleep in but kids want to what?
18.What does everyone like to sing round Christmas?

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