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Study of the Bible Book III John

Pastor Greg Lilly

Can you guess the answers from these clues out of the book of III John?

1 2     3
6         7        
8     9     10    
13                 14        

2.Do not follow evil, but follow this
4.This is what we ought to do to visitors to our church
5.John wanted Gaius to proper and be in this
6.John described the words of Diotrephes as this
9.John wished this Christian grace upon Gaius
12.This man had a good testimony of all men
13.This is the term defining the visitors to the church
14.Everybody said that Gaius had this in him
1.The opposite of the Jews
3.This man wanted to be the boss in the church
7.John would come to the church in person, not write with these instruments
8.Since those reading his letter were his converts, John called them this
10.This was what many in the church witnessed about Gaius
11.He was wellbeloved by all

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