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vampire diaries


this crossword is all about vampire diaries

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1.elena and jeremy's aunt who takes care of them and gets killed by klaus
5.what mythical creatures are the show based on
8.carolines mother
12.the very bubbly friend of elena and bonnie. she gets turned into a vampire
14.kidnaps elena and takes her to an abandoned house to swap her (the double ganger) and tries to trade her for her freedom. she gets killed by a werewolf bite
15.the brother of stefan
16.the witch who is friends with elena and helps alot
17.the werewolf uncle who gets his heart ripped out by damon
19.who is killed and turned into an invincible vampire hunter
22.one of the originals. protects elena
23.the mother of the originals and the original witch
27.tylers mother
28.bonnies mother
29.a vampire who comes back to find her mother and falls in love with jeremy and eventually gets killed
1.elenas real dad. she believes he is her uncle for most of her life
2.the exact look alike of elena
3.elenas REAL mothers name
4.the brother who is going out with elena
6.the actore who plays 'Damon'
7.the actor who plays klaus
9.the name of carolines gay father
10.matt's sister who was turned into a vampire and killed
11.the main girl character which both salvatore brothers are in love with
13.one of the originals who is a girl
18.the werewolf who is the mayors son
19.the teacher at the school who is a vampire hunter but is friends with the salvatore brothers
20.elenas little brother
21.the vampire, vampire hunter, who is the originals father
24.what type of thing is only able to kill an originals
25.the man who is half werewolf and half vampire.
26.he is elena's ex boyfriend and carolines aswell. his sister was turned into a vampire then killed

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