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Bible Women

Pastor Greg Lilly

Can you guess who this woman is by the clue given?

1 2 3
5 6         7          
        8 9
10                   11    
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18                                 19 20
  21                 22   23        
  25                 26        

5.The church is called this female name meaning chaste virgin
7.She won a beauty contest as the most beautiful woman in town
10.She was the mother of both Aaron and Moses
13.She was the wife of Hosea
14.Jesus met her at a well and told her all kinds of things about her
15.She was barren and asked for a son to dedicate unto God's service
18.She drew Moses from the water
21.She was Moses' wife
23.She was the daughter in law of Judah
25.She was one of Lazarus' sisters
26.She gave more into the treasury than all others according to Jesus
27.She was the wife of one of the officers of Pharaoh, captain of the guard and said Joseph raped her
28.She was one of the most wicked women to have ever lived and was eaten by dogs
29.She was Mary's cousin
30.She was also a sister of Lazarus and set at Jesus' feet
1.She was the first woman
2.She was cut up into twelve pieces and her parts were sent into all the coasts of Israel
3.She was a Moabitess and married a man in Bethlehem named Boaz
4.She was Isaac's wife
6.She was Jacob's wife
8.She was the firstborn daughter of Job after his calamities
9.She was the Mother of Jesus
10.She was pronounced dead, but Jesus told them all she was just sleeping
11.She was the wife of Elimelech who died and she returned to Bethlehem
12.She was the mother of Solomon
14.She was the wife of Abraham
16.She was the 4th judge of Israel
17.She was a prostitute who met Jesus and He cast seven demons out of her
19.She loved Sodom and Gomorrah and was turned into a pillar of salt
20.She was Laban's eldest daughter
22.She made clothing and showed Peter some of her wares
24.She was the handmaid of Sarah

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