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Loy Krathong

2 3                
4 5   6              
    7     8        
10               11  

3.Loy Krathong was first celebrated here
6.I float this on the river
7.the Lanna name for Loy Krathong
9.I put a little ______ in my krathong for good luck
10.Loy Krathong happens on the night of the ___________
13.They make a loud noise and a bright flash.
14.During Loy Krathong, we say "sorry" to the River ________.
15.I release a flying _______ and it floats in the sky
1.I make a krathong from these
2.I stand and watch this go by, it is so beautiful!
4.Loy Krathong is in the _______ lunar month of the year
5.this makes a light on my krathong
8.I go down to the __________ river to float my krathong
11.when it burns on my krathong, it gives a nice smell
12.the Miss ________ beauty competition is wonderful!

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