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Bible Trivia For The Scholar

Pastor Greg Lilly

How well do you know your Bible? This puzzle is more difficult than before. See if you are a scholar or not.

1 2        
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  12     13   14 15
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  26                       27 28   29  
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36   37       38                      
    39     40

2.Solomon said this term meaning the ears in encouraging us to serve God now while we can
3.A good this is better than precious ointment
5.A teacher of spiritual matters
7.Sexual sin within the family unit
8.The name of Isaiah's father
9.Satan is called one of these roaring creatures
10.This place was known for it's magnificant cedar groves
12.A spirit
17.What was the city of Goliath's birth
18.Sexual sin within marriage
19.Zophar said to Job that the wicked would suck the poison of this creature
21.What was the name of the woman who led to the imprisonment and death of John the Baptist
25.What was the name of the king who gave the Jews permission to rebuild Jerusalem
26.A rainy day and this kind of woman are alike
28.Satan is called one of these four-legged creatures who scatters the sheep
31.When Jesus turned water into wine this was the liquid measurement that the waterpots contained
33.Jesus is often called the rose of this place
34.The number of times that Peter denied Jesus during His trial
35.This is what Satan is called meaning lord of the flies or prince of the devils
36.Began his reign at the age of 8
38.The name of Job's third born daughter after his calamities
41.What chapter of Isaiah was Jesus reading in the temple when He announced He was the Messiah
42.Elihu told Job that the number of God's this cannot be searched out
1.This term means we are many and was used by demons as a name
2.This term means a servant girl
4.This prophet spoke to the poor and mostly ministered in Samaria
5.This is an Aramaic term meaning you fool
6.Jesus is spoken of by this term which is a small off-shoot on a tree
11.Another term for God being our shield
13.This term means that it is done or established forever
14.What the enemies of Christ were called as they compassed Him about
15.This refers to the dot on the top of the letter i
16.This religious group did not believe in resurrection
20.Another way to refer to the first five books of the Old Testament or the Pentateuch
21.This is what a person is called who acts like someone they are not
22.This term means that Jesus revealed Himself in His essential form before Peter, James, and John
23.Sexual sin before marriage
24.He found the book of the law in the house of the Lord
25.This is another name given to Jerusalem
27.This is what tax collectors were called
29.This is the term used to define a demon possessed person
30.Rock rat
32.The name of one of the constellations mentioned in the Bible
33.Name of the scribe when the book of the law was found in the house of the Lord
37.The name of the pool that Jesus told the blind man to go and wash in and he received his sight
39.This small creature is the opposite of the sluggard said Solomon
40.Jesus said Satan was one of these and the father of it

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