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1       2
3 4   5
6       7      
8       9 10 11          
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  17       18   19 20      
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1.The seasons happen because the Earth _____.
7.The Earth spins on its _____.
8.This planet is about the same size as Earth.
11.When the moon goes into the Earth's shadow, there is a _____ eclipse.
13.A _____ can have billions of stars.
14.When the moon is _____, it is getting smaller.
17.This planet has the biggest rings.
21.There are millions of galaxies in the _____.
22.The Earth _____ the sun.
24.Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn are the _____ giants.
26.This planet is blue.
27.This planet has the tallest mountains.
2.When the moon makes a shadow on part of the Earth, there is a _____ eclipse.
3.We live in the ______ Way galaxy.
4.The moon reflects light from the _____.
5.When the moon is _____, it is getting bigger.
6.When we don't see any moon in the sky, this is called a _____ moon.
9.An eclipse is a ______.
10.This planet spins on its side.
12.The closest planet to the sun.
15.This force keeps us from floating off the Earth.
16.There is an ______ belt between Mars and Jupiter.
18.The Earth spins or _____.
19.A moon that is bigger than half, but not whole, is a _____ moon.
20.The largest planet in our solar system.
23.The first 4 planets are made of _____.
25.Our sun is a ______.

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