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1.This vitamin helps in preventing cellular damage from free radicals
4.Found predominatly in the cells of the liver, spleen, and bone marrow
8.Na, K, Cl, Ca, P, Fe, and Mg are what type of minerals in our body?
9.An increased serum iron and TIBC
10.Heme is directly absorbed because its Fe is in what state?
11.2 alpha 2 beta chains
13.In a water environment the have an ionic charge
14.Approximately 70-85% of carbon dioxide is processed as bicarbonate
15.Promotes blood clotting
16.Essential for the synthesis and maintenance of collagen
17.what HB changes after age 3?
21.Most common anemia in the U.S.
23.Protein portion of a molecule
27.Present in the human body in very limited amounts
30.Normally Fe is absorbed about 1-2 mg each day where?
34.Hb assists in maintaining the what in blood?
39.A green pigmented compound
43.Lack of this Vitamin will give you Rickets
47.Where is Iron incorporated into HB?
48.What is reffered to a decreased hemoglobin content in RBCs?
49.20-40mg of Fe are lost in what cycle?
1.The Fe binding states are normally 15-50% saturated depending on the gender
2.2 alpha 2 delta chains
3.High Ferritin, High Apoferritin, Low Transferrin is indications of Fe?
4.CHO on terminal valine on B chain
5.An Fe-loading disorder causing an over-accumulation of Fe
6.Protoporphyrin IX ring
11.Progressive increase in Fe absorption and storage
12.Hemoglobin S
14.200 time greater affinity for CO than O
19.oxygen binding protein of striated and cardiac muscle
20.What is the enzyme is used in the final step to make Heme?
22.What binds reversibly with Oxygen and aids in electron transport?
24.Hb reversibly transports O2 from the lungs to the tissues of the body is called?
25.Vitamin of Bone growth
28.Spherical molecule consisting of an apotransferritin shell
31.Apotransferrin Fe3 complex is called?
32.Found in all nucleated cells in the body
33.Blue People have this
35.Enlarged spleen, to requiring blood transfusions if needed
36.What engulfs RBC to release Fe?
38.What is the enzyme catalyzes the initial step in porphyrin synthesis?
40.What is a degradation product of heme?
41.these cells have the largest concentration of iron in the body
42.Vitamin that helps infections
44.Bone marrow, Spleen and other tissues stores 2/3 of Fe where is the other 1/3 stored?
45.After crossing the membrane of the intestinal cell, ferrous is converted to?
46.Low Ferritin, Low Apoferritin, High Transferrin/Apotransferrin indicates what?

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