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Shay Meany


1 2
  3                 4             5  
      6     7      
8                     9 10    
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  14   15   16 17                          
19                   20        
23         24       25   26      
            27   28
29         30                      
31                               32   33      
35             36 37 38              
    40           41     42        
43                 44                    
  46   47                        
        51 52  
53           54              

3.A supplement that helps with digestion.
4.A repellent sprayed on a horse to keep flies off.
6.A male horse that does no breed.
8.The only breed with 19 ribs and is from England.
13.Some ponies are measured in
14.A female horse that does not breed.
17.This is put on a horse's breast area while riding
19.A bad habit a lot of horses have that involves biting wood.
21.Used on a horse's leg while riding to prevent the other hoof on the other leg from clinging with the fetlock during a workout.
22.The last horse to win the triple crown.
23.A brush used to remove dried mud from a horse.
30.A tool used to clean out a horses feet.
31.Used to prevent cracking in the hoof.
32.The part of the horse above the hock.
35.A supplement that helps with pain.
38.Horses are measured in
39.The protection that goes under the saddle while you ride to protect the horse's back from the saddle so it doesn't give the horse bruises.
40.A male baby horse.
42.A female baby horse.
43.The only breed with 17 ribs and is from Saudi Arabia.
44.You do this to a horse after a workout.
46.This horse won the triple crown in 1973 and had a heart of 22 pounds.
48.A baby horse that has been removed from its mother.
49.The part of the horse below the fetlock.
53.A very important part of a horses diet that is sweet and is made of corn and oats.
54.Pimple looking marks on a horses body and happens after a rain storm. Bleach helps heal it.
55.Number 1 killer of a horse.
56.The seat you sit in while riding.
57.The joint on the horses back leg.
1.A headgear that is put on a horse so you can lead it around.
2.A female horse that breeds.
5.This breed is named after the Palouse river.
7.Julio Mendoza does this type of riding with Lusitanos.
9.A continuous line on the back of a horse. It is found on Norwegion Fjords.
10.This is a very fragile part of the hoof.
11.They spend 98% of their time doing this.
12.This is the world's rarest horse.
15.Most horses have 18 of these in their body.
16.Horses have this type of vision.
18.One year old horse.
20.A baby horse of any sex.
24.Swelling in the hock joint.
25.Some horses need this on their feet because they do strenuous activities with their feet.
26.Somebody who takes care of horses at a horse show or a racing event.
27.The dancing horses of the horse kingdom.
28.This helps a skinny horse gain weight.
29.A brush used to remove greesy substances from a horse.
33.The part of the horse below the flanks.
34.Horses eat up to 20 pounds of this a day.
36.There are 4 of these in a horse's stomach.
37.A French draft horse that can be black or gray.
41.A supplement that helps with the joints.
42.Somebody who fixes a horse's feet.
45.A Breed from Austria and is palomino in color.
46.A father horse.
47.A supplement that helps with the calf.
49.They do this at least once an hour.
50.This weighs 9 lbs in the body.
51.A headgear put on a horse and is used while riding.
52.The part of the horse above the pastern.

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