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Canada's Food Guide

Fill in the puzzle below with words found throughout this magazine that match the clues provided.

1 2
3 4      
5       6 7
11 12        
        13 14 15
18                 19  

4.An example of an alternative.
9.Essential vitamins and minerals for the body to remain healthy.
10.An example of a fruit.
16.Leader nutrient in meat.
17.Food group that can be whole grain. (2 Words)
18.The most important meal of the day.
20.An example of a grain product.
21.Leader nutrient in dairy products.
22.There are _____ main food groups.
23.Food group from which you need at least one dark green and one orange food a day. (3 Words)
1.The Canada's Food Guide helps individuals make _______ choices.
2.You should try to ______ foods and beverages that are high in calories, fat, sugar or salt.
3.Format in which the Canada's Food Guide is displayed its cover.
5.Food group with alternatives such as peanut butter or eggs. (3 Words)
6.Leader nutrient in grain products.
7.An example of a dairy product.
8.Fifth food group that should be included in your diet in a small amount. (3 Words)
11.The quantity of food, you need a specific amount of each food group per day.
12.An example of a meat.
13.You should include a ______ of foods from each food group in your meals.
14.A calorie free beverage.
15.Food group that makes bones and teeth strong. (2 Words)
19.An example of a vegetable.

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