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Terms and people from Ch. 12&13

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3.Developed a new harvesting machine, The mechanical reaper, which cut down wheat (2 Words)
6.Stories with a moral
7.Eli Whitney came up with this idea. Its the idea of making parts of a machine that are identical (2 Words)
8.Crop brokers
10.Emotional Christian songs that blended African and European music. Some slaves sang these
11.The first full-sized commercial steam boat
13.Blacksmith, Invented the first Steel plow (2 Words)
14.Studied electricity and magnetism to perfect the telegraph in 1832 (4 Words)
15.Large-scale farmers who held more than 20 slaves
16.Owners of small farms
17.A slave from Southampton County, Virginia, believed that god had told him to end slavery (2 Words)
1.A businessman from New England, He developed a very different approach than the Rhode Island System (3 Words)
2.Most violent slave revolt in the country, witch occurred in 1831 (3 Words)
3.A machine that removes seeds from short-staple cotton (2 Words)
4.In Richmond Virginia- one of the most productive iron works in the nation. In 1848 Joseph R. Anderson became the owner. (3 Words)
5.A period of rapid growth in using machines for manufacturing and production that began in the mid-1700's (2 Words)
9.Area of high cotton production (2 Words)
12.The sewing machine was first invented by him then Isaac Singer made improvements to it . (2 Words)

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