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5 6   7  
  8                   9   10      
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  13     14         15
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23 24                 25               26
28           29               30
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40             41            

1.A few elements with intermediate properties
4.an English Chemist, was the first to determine the quantitative relationship between the volume and pressure of gases
8.the number of constituent particles
11.used toused to channel liquid or fine-grained substances into containers with a small opening
16.substance microscopically dispersed evenly throughout another substance
17.depicts the atom as a small, positively charged nucleus surrounded by electrons
18.quantity of substance
19.method for separating mixtures
23.the outward movement of molecules from their source
25.are chemical combinations of two or more different elements
28.component present in small amount
29.a mixture composed of two or more elements
31.positive electric charge
33.perpendicular force exerted on a unit area
36.particles of the cathode ray
39.compound of one kind of substance
40.occupies space
41.It is characterized by structural rigidity and resistance to changes of shape or volume
42.it is defined as the amount of matter in an object
2.cofactor for a number of enzymes
3.known commercially as muriatic acid
5.are biological molecules essential for all known forms of life
6.a substance exists as a solid
7.involves the sharing of pairs of electrons between atoms
9.a mass slightly larger than that of a proton
10.made by comparing a quantity with a standard unit
12.the rate of effusion of a gas is inversely proportional to the square root of the mass of its particles
13.process for the separation of mixtures
14.mixture of two chemicals with the property that on does not rapidly settle out
15.it is the study of composition, properties and behavior of matter
20.a substance which reacts with a base
21.mixture whose components have different densities
22.its charge is postive
24.variants of a particular chemical element
26.a material with a definite chemical composition
27.it is the space occupied by an object
30.component present in larger amount
32.it is also defined as its weight per unit volume
34.are large biological molecules responsible for the thousands of chemical interconversions
35.tiny, indivisible particles
37.a good conductor of both electricity and heat
38.the functional basic unit of life

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