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A Christmas Carol Stave II

Mrs. Melvin

1 2 3 4 5
7               8        
11 12                      
13                       14
  16       17  
18       19           20 21   22    
24           25        

6.ghost came for Scrooge's _____.
7.pie at office party
8.Scrooge thought of him when he saw what a good time his boss gave to all employees
10.what Scrooge did at the mention of the solitary child
12.held under ghost's arm
13.He gave Scrooge and his sister cake
15.in the ghost's hand
16.sparkled and glowed
18.setting of first visit
19.what the solitary child was doing
21.Scrooge's former fiance
24.Scrooge's walls; not transparent
25.color of the ghost's hair
1.what the ghost was wearing
2.time the ghost appeared
3.Scrooge's sister
4.Scrooge's boss, wore a Welsh wig
5.Scrooge's job with Dick Wilkins
7.the ghost was like a child but more like this
8.seeing himself as a poor child made Scrooge pity this person
9.what Scrooge was wearing on the journey
11.the ghost's arms, hands, feet, and legs were this
14.decorated ghost's outfit
17.ghost's face did not have this
20.Scrooge's master-passion
22.jet of this came from ghost's head
23.made by men like Scrooge to extinguish the light of knowledge the ghost offered

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