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What are Dogs Trying to Tell us?

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1.A dog may lick it’s nose to tell you that it is what?
6.Dogs do the head turn to further identify where a _______________ is coming from.
9.When a dog yawns they feel threatened or anxious, but are not planning to do what?
10.The whale eye may result in a ____________ from a dog due to the stress that they are feeling.
11.Lighter toned variations without __________ ___________ can mean that the dog wants something or may be in pain. (Two words)
12.This term is used by dog trainers when a dog averts its head slightly and you can see the whites of a dogs eyes. (Two words)
16.The Whale eye means that a dog is feeling anxious and ___________.
17.Dogs ____________ their heads to hear us better.
18.Violent ______________ are symbolized by bare teeth.
19.Which action does a dog do to calm it’s surroundings or deflect a threat?
2.If a dog is holding it’s body erect and rigid while wagging it’s tail, it may be territorial or ________________.
3.The __________ ____________ is not just used for dogs to dry off. (Two words)
4.When dogs do the body shake they are trying to relieve tension or show that they are moving on to a ______________ activity.
5.The dog shake for a dog is like a re-set _____________.
7.When a dog does this they are inviting you to play. (Two words)
8.A dog may _______________ it’s lips to tell you that they are anxious, stressed, or need some space.
13.A dog uses the growl as a _____________ sign to stop the action that you are doing or they may become violent.
14.When a dog does a play bow, they are trying to convey that everything is fun and games, and no _____________ is present.
15.If a dog is ___________ it’s tail and the rest of it’s body seems relaxed or is moving along with the wagging, you are dealing with a happy, comfortable dog.

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