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Motivation, Emotion & the Brain

Crossword Puzzle

1 2     3 4
7         8   9                                
12     13   14 15                  
23   24                             25        
      26     27
  28                           29                  
30                           31            
32               33                  
    34               35                    

2.controls involuntary functions.
7.State of the body that causes feelings, which vary according to how we view a situation.
9.controls heartbeat and breathing (2 Words)
15.any close relationship an infant forms with its caregiver(s).
16.Pair of egg-shaped organs above the brainstem
18.Exciting event --> bodily response --> emotion (3 Words)
19.Composed of 8 lobes (4 on each side) (2 Words)
20.motivation that comes from outside an individual
21.fulfilling one’s own unique potential to its fullest. (2 Words)
24.Biological needs drive the organism to act. If the behavior reduces the drive, it will keep doing it. (3 Words)
28.“The Master Gland (2 Words)
29.Controls balance & motor coordination. Regulates posture, movement, muscle coordination
30.Contains the sensory cortex (part of brain that registers & processes senses) (2 Words)
31.emotional tie that is formed between infants & caregivers immediately after birth.
32.binge eating & purging
33.Traced motivation back to basic physiological needs (2 Words)
35.what drives us to seek a specific goal
1.Hierarchy of Needs theorist
3.An event causes a Physiological arousal, then the individual must identify the reason behind this arousal in order to experience and label it as an emotion (3 Words)
4.the desire to do things
5.Located in the forehead region (2 Words)
6.Monkey study theorist (2 Words)
8.Receives & processes visual information (2 Words)
10.A system that ranks items according to importance
11.Bundle of nerves connecting the left & right hemispheres (2 Words)
12.term used by Harry Harlow to describe an infant monkey’s need for close, touching contact in forming an attachment with its mother. (2 Words)
13.We feel emotions & experience physiological reactions simultaneously. (3 Words)
14.Attaining pleasure & avoiding pain (2 Words)
17.bundle of nerves running through the brainstem; controls sleep & high or low activity levels in the body; modulates pain. (2 Words)
22.center for pain & pleasure - regulates hunger, thirst, body temp; ie the reward center
23.Receives & processes auditory information (2 Words)
25.process of establishing equilibrium
26.motivation that comes from inside an individual rather than from any outside rewards, such as money or grades
27.fear & aggression center

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