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3.An economic statistic that includes GDP, plus any income earned by residents from overseas investments, minus income earned within the domestic economy by overseas residents.
4.A situation in which assets exceed liabilities, income exceeds expenditures, exports exceed imports, or profits exceed losses.
5.an index of the changes in the cost of goods and services to a typical consumer, based on the costs of the same goods and services at a base period.
8.A general decline in prices, often caused by a reduction in the supply of money or credit.
10.The field of economics that studies the behavior of the aggregate economy. It examines economy-wide phenomena such as changes in unemployment, national income, rate of growth, gross domestic product, inflation and price levels.
13.A fundamental economic concept that describes the total amount of a specific good or service that is available to consumers.
14.An increase in the capacity of an economy to produce goods and services, compared from one period of time to another.
15.An economic principle that describes a consumer’s desire and willingness to pay a price for a specific good or service. Holding all other factors constant, the price of a good or service increases as its demand increases and vice versa.
1.The monetary value of all the finished goods and services produced within a country's borders in a specific time period, usually calculated on an annual basis
2.Government spending policies that influence macroeconomic conditions. These policies affect tax rates, interest rates and government spending, in an effort to control the economy.
6.A situation where demand for a product or service exceeds the available supply.
7.An increase in the capacity of an economy to produce goods and services, compared from one period of time to another. Economic growth can be measured in nominal terms, which include inflation, or in real terms, which are adjusted for inflation. For comparing one country's economic growth to another, GDP or GNP per capita should be used as these take into account population differences between countries.
9.occurs when a person who is actively searching for employment is unable to find work.
11.The rate at which the general level of prices for goods and services is rising, and, subsequently, purchasing power is falling.
12.equal balance between any powers, influences, etc.

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