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P.E crossword 6 - 7

mr d

1 2      
3   4        
  5 6                
7       8   9      
      10             11   12
13         14         15 16  
20       21            
23                 24            
26   27      
  28           29         30
34             35                             36
38                 39                     40    
    41   42                            
43   44                      
      45 46            
    48                 49        
50               51          

1.we do the 40 m sprint to measure this
4.most important muscle in the body
7.has plasma red white cells in it
9.gastronemius is the muscle of the lower leg it is known as a the
10.ankle bones
13.a serve that is not touched by the opposition player
14.big muscle at from of the arm
18.free throws are given when a foul happens in the key
19.can only have five of these in this game
21.bone in the upper arm.
23.makes insulin
24.the wrist bone
28.measures our cardiovascular fitness and is a 20 mts run over and over
32.Bread, cereal, rice are called C...........S
33.another name for cranium
34.chemical that controls blood sugar
35.where we absorb water before waste leaves the body
38.big muscles at back of leg footballers hurt this a lot
39.the 2 bones of the lower arm
41.doing push up or sit ups tests this
43.a disease when the body needs insulin
47.the process of changing food into energy for the body
50.baton passed around a track
51.when you eat too many lollies you damage these
52.the beginning of digestion
53.name of the muscles of the chest
54.biggest blood vessel in the body
2.fingers and toes
3.known as the shinbone
4.you cannot use the back of the stick in this game
5.the vertical jump measures this
8.when you move the ball without passing it hockey soccer basketball
11.ancient olympic throwing event
12.we throw this heavy object in athletics
15.bone that moves acrorss the back and the shoulder is attached to it
16.we exercise and try to improve this and running is a good way to get it
17.the sit and reach measures this
20.another name for jaw
22.throwing and catching the ball 10 times with each hand
25.longest bone in body
26.fish meat eggs are a good source of
27.shoulder muscles
29.is 7mts long so it is not small
30.correct name for buttocks
31.a game where you can only have three hits on your side
36.hand bones are called
37.fastest swimming stroke
38.game where only three steps and then you must bounce ball
40.used in badminton
42.the glands in the mouth make this
44.we run back and forwards 10 times over 5 mts to measure this
45.where you would gastric juices
46.we run fast and use a one foot take off into sand
48.has 11 players and you kick the ball
49.blood vessel that pumps blood away from heart

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