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Christianity Gr. 11 St. Martin


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1.Festival that celebrates the birth of Jesus.
5.Sacrament in which a person acknowledges to a confessor wrongs committed and receives forgiveness from God.
7.The descent of the Holy spirit upon the apostles.
9.Follower of Jesus Christ during his public ministry.
11.Someone who has suffered or sied for his or her religion or beliefs.
13.Letters written by Christ's apostles.
14.A string of beads used for devotional prayers.
15._______ infallibility: the pope cannot err when speaking on matters of faith and morals in his role as head of the Church.
2.Act of being purified from sin and made right or holy in the eyes of God.
3.Division of the Church into separate, and often hostile, groups because of stong difference of opinions.
4.The father, the son and the Holy Spirit.
6.Stories about Jesus's life and teachings.
8.Celebrates the Resurrection of Christ.
10.Holy person that Christians venerate.
12.One of the twelve disciples chosen by Christ to go out to teach the gospel.

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