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Chapter 8 "A New Nation"

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37         38               39
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44                           45                    

2.The year George Washington left office
5.A note issued by the government which promises to pay off a loan with interest
6.To cancel or make ineffective
7.Federalists favored an emphasis on the ______________ sector of the economy
10.Leader of the Federalist Party
13.Issued by Washington on April 22nd, 1793, it forbade Americans from fighting in the war between Britain and France
14.Not agreeing or consistent with the Constitution
16.Battle that crushed Native American hopes of keeping their land in Ohio
21.Established the federal court system with 13 district courts and three circuit courts to serve the nation
24.A tax on imports or exports
25.The first Secretary of War
26.Native Americans agreed to surrender most of their land in Ohio in this treaty
27.Meetings held by a political party to choose their party's candidate for president or to decide policy
31.Powers not specifially mentioned in the Constitution
32.Group of adivors to the President, appointed by the President
33.The first Secretary of the Treasury
35.Person who risks money in order to make a large profit
36.Rights and powers independent of the federal government that are reserved for the states by the Constitution
37.One of the first two political parties in the United States
41.Federalists favored rule by the _____________
42.Favoring one side of the issue
44.Attorney General appointed by George Washington
45.Forcing people into military service (as in the Navy)
46.The French Revolution began in this year
1.John Chapman's nickname
3.The British agreed to withdraw from American soil, pay damages for ships, and allow some American ships to trade with British colonies in this treaty
4.Chief of the Miami People, beat General Arthur St. Clair in November 1791
5.The first 10 amendments to the Constitution
8.The 2nd President of the United States
11.One of the first two political parties in the United States
12.French Foreign Minister who refused to meet with Americans to settle disputes
15.The first Secretary of State
17.The amount of money that the nation's government owes
18.The first President of the United States
19.Farmers armed resistance against Hamilton's taxes. Washington sent a message by crushing the rebellion quikcly.
20.In his farewell address, Washington warned that the growth of these would be a "grave danger" to country
21.The first Vice-President of the United States
22.Leader of the Democratic-Republican Party
23.Nickname for the incident in which agents from France demanded a bribe from the United States
28.Not taking sides on a conflict
29.The 2nd Vice President of the United States
30.French Diplomat sent to the United States in 1793 to recruit American volunteers to attack British ships
34.Democratic-Republicans favored an emphasis on the __________________ sector of the enonomy
38.An immigrant living in a country in which he or she is not a citizen
39.Activities aimed at weakening an established government
40.Democratic-Republicans favored rule by the ______________
43.The first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

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