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Nutrient Deficiencies

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1.Mottles or chlorotic leaves with small spots of nectrotic tip tissue, weak, narrow stems.
3.Reduction in leaf size and length of internodes, margins distorted; intervienal chlorosis.
5.Young leaves with light green veins and interveinal areas.
6.Chlorosis, thin stem, restricted growth shoot and roots, older leaves defoliation.
7.Young leaves dark green, twisted, misshapen, and often with necrotic spots.
8.Yellowing of leaves due to loss or reduced development of chlorophyll.
9.Localized death of tissues.
2.Yellowing of leaf between the veins, veins remain green, often results in striped effect. (2 Words)
4.Shoot and root tips die, young leaves look hooked, die back at tips and margins.

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