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General Chemistry

Julie Giordano

1 2   3             4
  5     6             7
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  35 36                

2.a tentative explanation of a series of observations or of a natural law
5.negatively charged subatomic particle found outside the atomic nucleus
9.the very small, very dense, positively charged portion of an atom
10.the relationship among the quantities of reactants and products involved in chemical reactions
11.the dissolving medium of a solution
13.the amount of a substance that dissolves in a given quantity of solvent at a given temperature to form a saturated solution
14.atoms of the same element containing different numbers of neutrons and therefore having different masses
15.a measure of the resistance of fluids to flow
16.an insoluble substance that forms in, and separates from, a solution
18.a substance composed of two or more elements united chemically in definite proportions
20.the number of times per second that one complete wavelength passes a given point
22.a measure of how closely individual measurements agree with the correct value
23.the study of energy and its transformation
24.compound whose molecules have the same overall composition but different structure
25.quality of solute present in a given quantity of solvent or solution
28.combination of two or more substances
29.the process of reacting a solution of an unknown concentration with one of known concentration
30.electrically charged atom or group of atoms
31.a substance that cannot be separated into simpler substances by chemical means
33.the closeness of agreement among several measurements of the same quantity
34.a measurement of the amount of material in an object
36.process of preparing a less concentrated solution from a more concentrated one by adding solvent
37.process by which a metal is oxidized by substances in its environment
38.the ratio of an objects mass to its volume
39.nonpolar molecule derived from glycerol and fatty acids that is used by organisms for long-term energy storage
1.anything that occupies space and has mass
3.the breaking of a molecule into two or more neutral fragments as a result of absorption of light
4.the disturbance among various wavelengths of the radiant energy emitted or absorbed by an object
6.a substance that changes the speed of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing a permanent chemical change in the process
7.the net movement of solvent through a semipermeable membrane toward the solution with greater solute concentration
8.tending to evaporate readily
12.the product of mass and velocity
17.a solute that produces ions in solution
19.a molecule with one end having a partial negative charge and the other end having a particular charge
21.a process in which a substance gains one or more electrons
26.the scientific discipline that treats the composition, properties, and transformation of matter
27.a process in which a substance loses one or more electrons
28.concentration of a solution expressed as moles of solute per kg of solvent
32.an electrically neutral particle found in the nucleus
35.matter that has a distinct volume but no specific shape

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