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Semester Review

Nicholas Dolzonek

1 2 3       4  
9 10   11     12 13   14        
    16 17       18  
19           20             21    
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29     30           31 32 33 34         35
    39 40      
41       42        

3.Descendant of Cain / was the first bigamist. (4)
6.The core law that governs a nation. (8)
7.A man who is dedicated to the service of God. (8)
9.Hebrew for "God the creator". (3)
14.Wealthiest and most powerful nation on earth in biblical times. (6)
15.The number that represents perfection in the scripture. (3)
19.Where moses received the decalogue. (7)
20.Land promised to Abraham's descendants. (6)
23.Sign of covenant between God and his people, it is done to 8-day old males. (5)
24.Family or line of rulers. (7)
26.Agreement, it is a eternal sacred bond or promise. (1)
27.Rachel's older sister / Jacob's first wife. (6)
28.Similarities between events or terms. (4)
29.Theologian who wrote commentary on psalms. (2)
34.The faithful people of God. (1)
36.Region in Egypt where Israelites lived. (7)
38.Worship false idols. (6)
40.God's name in hebrew. (8)
41.Scientific theory that states species came to be by a gradual process of change and development. (3)
1.Older sister of Moses. (7)
2.Righteous son of Seth. (4)
4.Tendency to sin. (4)
5.73 books containing the written, inerrant, and inspired word of God. (1)
8.means name in Hebrew. (5)
10.Associates themselves with the tribe of Levi. (8)
11.Mountain of God. (7)
12.Bread from heaven / Biblical type for the Eucharist. (7)
13.Greek word meaning "second law". (8)
16.Disrespected Noah after finding him naked. (4)
17.State of childlessness. (5)
18.Teaching authority of the church, including bishops and the pope. (1)
21.Power or authority over someone. (3)
22.The pope as the leader of the church, cannot teach error in matters of faith and morals. (1)
25.People are good by nature and corrupted by society. (3)
30.Foreshadows a future person or event in Jesus. (2)
31.3rd king of Israel / built the temple in Jerusalem. (2)
32.Sarai's Egyptian maid who bears Abram's first child when he was 86 years old. (5)
33.Having more than one wife. (6)
34.Greek for "measuring rod" or "rule" and refers to the list of inspired books of the bible. (1)
35.False teaching or denial of any truth of the catholic faith. (2)
37.The study of ancestry/ancestors. (2)
39.Empty, nothingness. (3)
42.Ancient Mesopotamian port city where Abram was born. (5)

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