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Physics chapter 6

Taleah Dallas

1           2
4                 5    
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1.A long-range force due to gravitational attraction between 2 objects, generally earth and an object
4.the maxium distance the object moves from the equilibrium
11.second horizontal force on an object, opposite in direction to its force and equal in size
13.the pull exerted by a string, rope, or cable when attached to a body and pulled taut
14.acts on an object by touching it
15.a = ( F net / M)
17.constant velocity that is reached when the drag force equals the force of gravity
18.tendency of an object to resist change
19.A restoring force, that is, the push or pull a spring exerts on an object
20.the contact force that acts to oppose sliding motion between surfaces
21.the contact force exerted by a surface on an object
1.means that there are no contact forces pushing up against an object. means that an objects apparent weight is 0
2.If the force that restores the onject to its equilbrium position
3.the vector sum of 2 or more forces on an object
5.the time period needed to repeat one complete cycle of motion
6.A general term used for the forces that move objects such as rockets, planes, cars and people
7.when small forces are applied at regular intervals to a vibrating or oscillating object,and the amplitude of the vibration increases.
8.attractive force that exist between all objects
9.force exerted withought contact
10.the force exerted by the scale
12.object at rest remains in rest or an object in motion continues moving in a straight line with constant speed if the net force acting on that object is 0
16.when object is at rest or is moving at a constant velocity
22.specific, identifiable, immediate cause that each force has

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