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Pre-Revolutionary War


1               2             3
5                   6  
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29         30                  

1.Tax on mollasses
2.Not buying things from a certain store or country
5.Disputed area during the French and Indian War
7.Battle that ended French power in N. America
8.Hurt colonial merchants by allowing the British East India Company to sell tea directly to colonists
9.British general that died shortly after failing to take Fort Duquesne
12.Placed a tax on everyday items such as playing cards and legal documents
14.Last effort to make peace with the King
16.Secret activity where a million dollars worth of tea was thrown into the ocean
17.Author of the Social Contract "Life, Liberty, Ownership of Property"
18.Period of ten years where there was a return to religion
20.British military strategist and minister of war
21.Group that organized protests and bured piles of stamps
23.Tax on items such as lead, paper, glass, and tea
24.Individual known for working with astronomy
26.Set of laws placing severe restrictions on Massachuessetts because of the Boston Tea Party
28.Silversmith that made the etching of the Boston Massacre and rode by horse to warn; The British are coming!
29.Continental congress that planned a very effective boycott; and train a militia for Massachessetts
30.Members of the militia that were famous for their speed in preparing to fight
31.Young British officer from Virginia
1.group that met to send a petition to the king because of unfair taxes
3.First plan to bring colonies under a single governing body
4.Prominent leader of the sons of liberty
6.Famous diplomat and inventor that dealt with electricity
10.Famous poet and former slave
11.Forced colonists to pay for royal troops food and housing
13.Law stating it is the kings right to rule and tax the colonies
15.When troops fired into a crowd of colonists who were mocking the troops
17.Shot heard round the world
19.A period of time where people were encouraged to use science to solve everyday problems
22.Only colony not to send a delagate to the continental congress
25.Continental congress that wrote the declaration of independance and placed washington as commander in chief
27.Individual that dealt with motion and physics

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