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Kranks Crossword


Fun, Fun, Fun

1 2 3
4         5 6   7
10 11 12                      
15             16 17      
18     19     20    

4.Norah needs _____ White chocolate
12.What book is Norah reading at the beginning of the movie?
13.Enrique is from what country?
14.Luther has what to eat at the irish pub?
15.Type of church that comes carolling.
17.Ned becker's wife's name?
18.What are the Kranks having for dinner when Luther purposes to go on a cruise?
20.Luther's secretaries name?
21.Krank's adress number
1.Blair calls from what city?
2.Electrical company Vic calls to fix power.
3.Irish pub in mall's name?
5.Police officer is drinking what coffee brand on the way home from airport?
6.Krank's street name?
7.What type of christmas tree are the kranks offered by the boy scouts?
8.Aubie's card store name?
9.University Blair went to?
10.Luther borrows tree from ___ trogden?
11.Walt and Bev's cats name?
16.Krank's leave by ___ on christmas day?
19.Norah gets smoked ____ at the grocery store

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