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Ch. 14 Introductin to Law Office Administration

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3.Recording time spent on a client matter for purposes of billing and productivity assessment.
7.appearing for or representing oneself.
10.Concerning or involving legal services that are provided for the public good without fee or compensation.
11.Charging a specific amount for each legal task performed
13.A flat fee for services regardless of the amount of time needed to complete the task
15.Charges or fees imposed by the court dierectly related to litigation in that court
18.Mixing what should be kept separate.
19.Restricted liability; liability that can be satisfied out of business assets, not out of personal assets.
20.An attorney hired to work for a relatively short period of time, usually on specific cases or projects.
25.All tasks needed to represent a client; all inclusive legal services
29.A posistion taken on behalf of a client that the attorney cannot support by a good faith arguement based on existing law or on the need for a change in the law
30.A bank account controlled by an attorney that contains client funds that may not be used for office operating expenses or for any personal perpose of the attorney
32.an attoney who practices alone-without partners or associates in the office.
33.An hourly or fixed fee that is reduced because of teh volume of business the client fives the office
34.A form used by an office to indicate that an expense has been incurred for which the client may or may not be billed.
35.An hourly rate leading to a final bill that will not exceed a predetermined amount
36.Impoverished; without funds to hire a private attorney
39.A method of storing client files by numbers or letter number combinations
43.An employee who is still in law school or who has completed law school and is waiting to pass the bar examination.
44.A corporation of persons performing services that require a professional license attorneys.
46.An hourly rate charged until the nature and scope of the legal problem are know, at which time fixed fees are charged for services provided thereafter.
48.Someone in charge of files in a large office
49.A fee that is paid only if the case is successfully resolved by litigation or settlement
51.A fee received by the defendants attorney that is dependent on the outcome of the case.
52.An attorney employee of a partnership who hopes to eventually be promoted to partner
53.A partner whose primary responsibility is management of the law firm
54.Existing or occurring in the same period of time; pertaining to records that are prepared on events as teh events are occurring or shortly thereafter
59.The act of hiring or engaging the services of some one, usually a professional.
60.A professinal who handles any kind of case.
62.Liability that can be satisfied out of an individuals personal assets
63.A full owner partner of a law firm
64.A paralegal who helps recruit, train, and supervise all paralegal in a law office.
65.A case applying a special statute that gives a judge authority to order the losiing party to pay the winning partys attorney and paralegal fees.
66.A method of charging for legal services based on factors such as the commplexity of the case or the results achieved rather than solely on the number of hours spent on the clients case
67.A law office within a corporation containing salaried attorneys who advise and represent the corporation.
68.The chief attorney in a corporate law department
1.A sequence of numbers and vertical lines of different shapes that can be read by an optical scanner.
2.Anyone hired from another law office.
4.A fee that is increased if a designated target is met
5.An individual, usually a nonattorney,who has responsibility for the day to day administration of a law office
6.A special category of partner who does not own the firm in the sense of an equity or capital partner.
8.Determing whether there should be a writedown or a write up of a bill to be sent to the client
9.A paper form on which timekeepers record how much time they spend on particular client matters
12.Attorneys who are sole practitioners share the use and overhead costs of an office.
14.A single hourly rate based on a blend or mix of the rates normally charged by different individuals.
16.A firm that specializes primarily in one area of the law.
17.A company or partnership whose owners are taxed like a partnership and have the limited liability of a corporation
21.A partners advance against profits or net income.
22.a full time attorney employee who has no expectation of becoming a full partner
23.A hourly rate charged until the nature and scope of the legal problem are know, at which time fixed fees are charged for services provided thereafter.
24.discrete task representation
26.Aform of business that does not have a separate legal identity apart from the one person who owns all assets and assumes all debts and liabilities
27.an attorney who is semiretired or has some other special status in the law firm.
28.The file of a client whose case is no longer active in the firm
31.A program that helps fund legal services for the poor with funds that attorneys are required to turn over from interest earned in client trust account containing client funds
37.A client bill that is finalized after the services are rendered
38.add an amount to the bill
40.The operating expenses of a business for which customers or clients are not charged a separate fee.
41.A method of storing clients files in alphabetical order by the clients surname or organization name
42.A form used by some law firms that is the source document for the creation of all necessary accounting records that are needed when a law firm begins working on a new client case or matter.
45.An attorney who brings fee generating cases into the office due to his or her extensive contacts and or reputation as a skilled attorney.
47.Time spent on tasks for which clients cannot be asked to pay
50.An attorney who has been passed over for parner status but who remains at the firm.
55.A voluntary association of two or more persons to place their resources in a jointly owned business or enterprise, with a proportional sharing of profits and losses.
56.paying an outside company or service to perform tasks usually performed by ones own employees.
57.A billing memorandum prepared by a law office on a particular client case stating expenses, costs, time spent, and billing rates of attorneys and paralegals working on the case.
58.A student in a law office seeking practical experience.
61.Deduct an amount form the bill

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