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Chapter Six

Brent Fleetwood & Jason Burns

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2.Drawings showing the size, number, and location of the structural members of a building's frame (2 Words)
4.Blueprints are simply called ______.
5.Architects use this to represent materials and other items and certain approved short-cuts.
8.Another name for list of materials (2 Words)
12.Commonly called "specs"
14.Similar to floor plans and are often combined with basement plans (2 Words)
18.A concept based on the use of standard grid into 4" squares (2 Words)
19.Part of the materials list is the window and door ______. It gives the quantity needed, sizes of the rough openings, and descriptions.
20.Drawings showing the outside walls of the structure
1.Helps to make it possible to apply modern mass-production methods to building construction. (developed by the National Lumber Manufacturers Association.) (2 Words)
3.Plans that tell you how to build, every carpenter must know how to read and understand this (2 Words)
6.Gives important information about size, materials, fastening, and support systems as well as concealed features (2 Words)
7.A collection of laws listed in booklet form that apply to a given community (2 Words)
9.When a set of plans is mass produced to be sold to many clients (2 Words)
10.Used to show the carpenter any important and complicated construction that cannot be included in plan drawings
11.Lines that show distance and sizes (2 Words)
13.This plan shows the size and outline of the building and its rooms (2 Words)
15.Architect's original drawing
16.Drawings that shows the "footprint" of the building and its location on the site (2 Words)
17.Reduced drawings should be in exact proportion to the actual size. Such drawings are said to be drawn to _______.

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