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Chapter 8: Varieties of American Nationalism

by Terri Donovan

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1.An American engineer and inventor, credited with developing the first commercially successful steamboat. (2 Words)
4.A time of peace and national expansion, which took place during the Monroe Administration. (4 Words)
5.Loyalty to a nation and promotion of its interests above all others;the spirit of national consciousness or national oneness.
8.An agreement proposed by Henry Clay that allowed Missouri to enter the Union as a slave state and Maine to enter as a free state and outlawed slavery in any territories or states north of 36°30´ latitude. (2 Words)
9.He was the son of President John Adams and became president himself in the corrupt election of 1824. He was the first minority president and due to this was not liked by many and subjected him to many hostilities leaving it near impossible for him to accomplish much as president. (3 Words)
10.Kentucky member of the House and Senate who promoted the American System and was responsible for the Missouri Compromise. (2 Words)
11.The process of the country becoming divided between regional beliefs focusing on the falling New England Federalists and the rest of the country. The uprising of ________ lead directly to the Civil War and conflict between the North and the South.
12.The first major financial crisis in the United States. Due to the over speculation of western land, the panic brought deflation, depression, bankruptcies, bank failures, and unemployment. The panic created a severely strapped lower class, which in turn sowed the seeds for Jacksonian democracy. (3 Words)
2.This stated that no more slaves should be brought into Missouri and also provided for the gradual emancipation of children born to slave parents already there. It was defeated in the Senate and it was just another event foreshadowing the Civil War. (2 Words)
3.Supreme Court case which validated the constitutionality of the Bank of the United States, denying states' rights to tax it (3 Words)
6.Also known as the Transcontinental Treaty or the Purchase of Florida, was a treaty between the United States and Spain in 1819 that gave Florida to the U.S. and set out a boundary between the U.S. and New Spain (now Mexico). (2 Words)
7.Refers to the claim from the supporters of Andrew Jackson that John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay had worked out a deal to ensure that Adams was elected President by the House of Representatives in 1824. (2 Words)

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