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Spreadsheet Vocabulary

Attempt the following Crossword on words you have used during this Spreadsheet unit.


2.A column is made up of all the cells that are lying directly below each other, starting from the top of the spreadsheet down to the last cell. They go from top to bottom of the screen.
3.The organisation of the whole page. How the entire worksheet looks.
5.a quick way of performing several instructions in one click. These have to be set by the user.
6.These are useful because they can be used to automatically format data, for example a currency data type would put the £ symbol (if set to UK currency) and up to 2 d.p. or even Text or Number format etc. (2 Words)
7.an example of this is ‘A1’ or ‘D23’ or even ‘S12’. These are examples of a cell…..! (sometimes known as ‘cell reference’) (2 Words)
9.A row is made up of all the cells lying next to each other going from left to right. It is a going across the screen.
10.– when information can be put in one area of a cell, either left, eight or centre aligned (sometimes known as justify).
1.This will alter the appearance of a cell automatically, depending on what it contains. (2 Words)
2.small rectangular boxes on spreadsheets which are used to enter data
4.This is a method of presenting data in a visual manner. (something also referred to as a chart sometimes)
8.This is how information or data is arranged either on a page ('page format') or in a file 'file format'.

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