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The First of Three Spirits

Timmy, Madeline, Damien

Crossword puzzle for "A Christmas Carol"

1 2 3       4    
    6   7        
8   9                  
      10             11    
13           14
  17   18  

2.Scrooge's old boss
7.Smog; misty
8.See through; clear
10.trees that were bumped by wagons as they were leaving the school where Scrooge was sent
13.Scrooge's little sister
15.bare, plain, sad, dreary
16.Scrooge's apprentice and worker that he thinks is unimportant
19.Scrooge's fellow apprentice
20.Scrooge's principle & teacher
1.Alone; all by himself on Christmas
3.Scrooge's first name
4.Well being of Scrooge
5.A large house; Scrooge's boyhood home
6.A place where Scrooge stored things and worked in
9.Was I ________ here?
11.Scrooge tried to cover the first spirit with this
12.And had barely had time to _____ to bed, (last sentence of stave II)
14.Why it's ________. Its dear old _______
17.A ghost that is also the "Ghost of Christmas Past" that Scrooge is visited by on the first night
18.Scrooge's sister's son (in stave II)

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