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A Christmas Carol Stave II

Ali Taylor and Hannah French

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    16 17

4.What Scrooge did when he came home
6.Last name of Fezziwig's other apprentice
8.How many couples were at the Fizziwigs Christmas party
10.Last name of main character in book young Scrooge was reading
11.The main character of the story and the only child left at school over Christmas
15.The shadow of Fezziwig taught Scrooge that _______ is more valuable than money
19.What Scrooge was wearing
20.The kind of idol that the girl tells Scrooge has "displaced" her
1.What time the Ghost of Christmas Past came at
2.Scrooge wanted to stop seeing the scenes from the past because they made him feel _______
3.What the Ghost of Christmas Past was wearing
5.It came from the Ghost of Christmas Past's head
7.These were the images the Ghost of Christmas Past showed Scrooge
9.Scrooge's relation to Fan
12.The day of the year that each of the scenes occurred on
13.The Ghost of Christmas ________ comes to visit Scrooge
14.Scrooges former employer, a genial and friendly man
16.Scrooge's young love
17.The "golden idol" refers to the obsession with _______
18.What drew the bed curtains open

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