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personal and Consumer Health 6th grade

Mrs. Burnham

vocabulary from chapter 2 health

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2.hardened plaque
9.thick layer below the outer layer of the skin
10.someone who buys products or services
12.colored part of the eye
15.opening leading to the ear drum (2 Words)
16.measure of the loudness of sound
19.image focuses in front of the retina
23.layer of tissue below the dermis (2 Words)
24.visible outer layer of the tooth
25.something that takes your attention away
27.focuses light to form an image on the retina
28.clear covering of the eye
29.an infection of the outside of the eye and eyelid
30.outer part of the ear
1.infected oil gland in the eyelid
3.converts sound to vibrations (2 Words)
4.opening in the iris
5.converts vibrations to nerve signals
6.skin disorder caused by by plugged pores in your skin
7.skin at the bottom of a finger nail
8.a lotion that has chemicals that protect you from UV rays
11.substances used in a product
13.sun protection factor
14.image is focused behind the retina
17.light sensitive cells on the back of the eye
18.tiny sacks from which hair grows (2 Words)
20.giving people information to encourage them to buy something
21.outermost layer of your skin
22.sticky substance that coats your teeth
26.inner layer of tooth

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