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A Christmas Carol Stave II

Julia McLane and Claire Zechman

1 2
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  9                   10  

3.Scrooge saw that the Ghost had parts of peoples_______ he had shown him that night
5.What replaced Belle in Scrooge's life
6.The Ghost was wearing a __________
7.The Ghost took Scrooge to the school were they found ____________
8.Who prevented Scrooge from going home for the hoildays
9.name of green body and yellow tail with lettuce growing out of the top of his head
12.A dear old friend, who was married to a princess
13._________ and Scrooge were apprenticed together.
1.She is __________ who he calls little Fan
2.What was the last thing Scrooge saw with the Ghost of Christmas past
4.At Fezziwig's party, the clock struck ___________ and the domestic ball broke up
6.How many times does Scrooge ask to leave the past
10.The bell tolled ___________ before the Ghost of Christmas Past came
11.__________ is an old gentleman in a welshwig; Scrooge's former boss

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