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Christmas Crossword Puzzle

NOLA Hearing

Please complete this puzzle and bring it to NOLA Hearing to receive your free pack of hearing aid batteries. Visit www.nolahearing.com for more!

2 3 4   5
6   7        
8                     9        
    13         14
15       16      
18 19 20                          
      25                 26
27                         28          
29                 30          

8.Many people set up miniature versions of this religious event
9.Papa Noel, Babbo Natale, Pai Natal
10.Santa comes down this
11.Roman hunters first used this cake to sustain themselves over long periods of time away from home (2 Words)
12.This guided the 3 Wise Men to the baby Jesus (2 Words)
13.Santa rides in a _______
15.____ for Tots is a popular fundraiser for less fortunate children at Christmas
17."Carol of the ____s"
19.This food and drink are left for Santa to enjoy (3 Words)
24.We all hope to have a guardian one of these
25.There are no two alike and the south rarely sees them
27.Their gifts were gold, frankincense and myrrh (3 Words)
28.Silver strands often put on Christmas trees
29.In about 1670, this candy was bent into the shape of a shepherd’s crook (2 Words)
30.These are frequently sung during the holiday season
1.A jolly happy soul with a corncob pipe, button nose & two eyes made out of coal. (3 Words)
2.There are eight, unless you count Rudolph--then there are nine
3.The place that Jesus slept his first night
4."Run, run as fast as you can. You can't catch me! I'm the _________ ___!" (2 Words)
5.Married to Santa (2 Words)
6."Let it ____, Let it ____, Let it ____!"
7.Families normally hang these from the fireplace in hopes they are filled with presents
14."The _____ and the ivy"
16.This is often decorated and topped with a star (2 Words)
18.People kiss under this little plant
20.These hang on the Christmas tree.
21.A flower named for Joel Roberts Poinsett
22.Where the sleigh and reindeer land
23.Santa brings these on Christmas Eve
26.These are Santa's faithful helpers

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