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Chpt 7 Thinking & Intelligence

Diamond Ransome

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7                                   8

6.the drawing of conclusions or or inferences from observations, facts, or assumptions
7.a form of reasoning in which the premises provide support for a conclusion must be tru
11.a statistical estimate of the proportion of the total variance in some trait that is attributable to genetic differences among individuals within a group
13.the knowledge or awareness of one's own cognitive processes
14.a measurement of mental development expressed in terms of the average mental ability at a given age
15.the measurement of mental abilities, traits, and processes
1.mental processes occurring outside of and not available to conscious awareness
2.an especially representative example of a concept
3.a unit of meaning that is made up of concepts and expresses a single idea
4.the tendency to consult one's emotions instead of estimating probabilities objectively
5.a rule of thumb that suggests a course of action or guides problem solving but does not guarantee an optional solution
8.a general intellectual ability assumed by many theorists to underlie specific mental abilities and talents
9.a problem solving strategy guaranteed to produce a solution even if the user does not know how it works
10.an inferred characteristic of an individual, usually defined as the ability to profit from experience, acquire knowledge, think abstractly, act purposefully, or adapt to changes in the environment
12.a mental category that groups objects, relations, activites, abstractions, or qualities having common properties

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